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Alexis Ivey
Chairwoman of the Board

My first name means mankind's helper and I believe that it truly describes who I am. I am a Southerner at heart. I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and immediately enrolled in law school. I am interested in criminal defense and community building. I chose NUSL because of the opportunity to gain practical experience. I have enjoyed BLSA over the past two years, because it really has become my Boston family. BLSA is what you make of it and it my plan for this year that we move toward higher heights!

  Enjoli Alexander

I'm a 3L from Baltimore, Maryland and a 2010 graduate of Boston University with a BA in Sociology. Initially I came to NUSL with interests in criminal defense but as law school has taken its long interesting course I've found myself to have fallen in love with family law, specifically divorce matters, and have a soft spot for property/real estate law as well. Aside from law school my interests include a variety of shopping, spending time in my favorites places in Boston, the Public Garden and Public Library, and a healthy dose of reality television.

Jonathan Palmer

I was born in Boston, Ma and graduated from South Dakota State University with a B.A. in sociology in 2011. I have an interest in corporate, securities , and taxation fields of law. I have always been involved with community service and I have always been involved in community service and in the last year, I volunteered with the Dorchester YMCA and with the Boston Debate League.

  Shekinah Harris

I am currently a 3L. I am the Summer/Winter BLSA secretary. I have been on the BLSA e-board since my first year in law school. My legal interests include health and education. My personal interests include eating food, exercising, watching movies, enjoying the company of wonderful friends and laughing. When I am not in Boston, I enjoy traveling. I have three home states - Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Texas.

Karlesha V. Hewitt

My name is Karlesha V. Hewitt, and I'm a 2L. I have a great interest in Juvenile Justice (mental health and civil rights law pertaining to juveniles within treatment, residential, and other facilities), and Criminal law (crimes committed against women and children). I enjoy writing poetry, music (Hip-Hop, R&B), and running when I can. As a first generation law student, one of my biggest fears was coming to law school and not being able to find anyone who I considered to be a "normal person." BLSA has exposed me to people of color from all different backgrounds, all of whom I have grown to respect and admire. I learned in a short time that there is no one "normal" especially here at NUSL. There is however, acceptance, kindness, support, motivation, and overall love amongst this Kemet Chapter. With all of that, I couldn't go wrong, and with all of that, you won't either.

  Ariel Woodard-Stephens

Ariel Woodard-Stephens completed her Bachelor of Arts at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia where she was also a student-athlete on the track and field team. At NUSL she is involved with BLSA, is a TA for property and a lawyering fellow for the LSSC program. Right now considering litigation and international law as possible career paths.

S. Mayumi Grigsby

S. Mayumi Grigsby is a member of the class of 2015 at Northeastern University School of Law. Mayumi graduated from Georgetown University where she earned her B.A. in French and a Minor in Government. Since she graduated from Georgetown University, Mayumi worked in organizational, consulting, and leadership capacities for the Surdna Foundation in New York, the United Nations Development Program in West Africa, and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in Houston, among others. Mayumi won the Spirit of Valerie Gordon Book Award, a writing competition centering on Human Rights and currently serves as the Regional Director of Community Service for the Northeast Black Law Students Association. Most recently, Mayumi was a Law and Public Policy Rappaport Fellow at the Governor's Office of Cabinet Affairs and is a member of the Intellectual Property Trademark Moot Court Team.