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1L EVENT - Induction Ceremony

The 1L event is a welcoming ceremony for the Kemet Chapter's first year students. Each year, a Black NUSL Professor opens his or her home to provide the first years with an up close and personal opportunity to become acquainted with their professors and other members of the organization. The 1L event is the first time the first-years are introduced to their extended Kemet Chapter family and support system which includes BLSA alumni, our faculty and staff of African descent, and current members of the organization. One of the basic tenets of the 1L event is to ensure that the first-years are made aware that their support system extends beyond the classroom. The event is also a great opportunity for first-years to begin networking and tapping into the resources already available at the Law School.

Planning for the 1L event takes place over the Summer quarter and is coordinated by the BLSA Summer Planning Committee. The Summer Planning Committee is a group of volunteer second and third year Kemet Chapter members. The event is normally held within the first few weeks of the Fall semester and it is actually the event that kicks off the Kemet Chapter's year.

3L EVENT - Commencement Celebration

The 3L event is an honorary ceremony held in late April or early May for the Kemet Chapter's graduating third year students. Having its origins in the 3L event started by all of NUSL's affinity groups in the late 80s, the Kemet Chapter's 3L event was launched by then Dean and now Professor David Hall in the early 1990s. The tradition has since been passed along with each composition of the Kemet Chapter. The 3L event has become a staple in BLSA's traditions. Each year, the graduating 3Ls are presented with authentic Kente Cloth stoles to be worn during NUSL's Commencement Ceremony, Certificates of Achievement and gifts from the organization in recognition of their accomplishment of a remarkable milestone: graduating from the School of Law.

EVENTS - Annual Potluck

Enriched with the ingredients and dishes of our ancestors, the entire NUSL community gathers in the Commons to enjoy the fruits and entrees of the annual Kemet Chapter Potluck. With foods from all facets of Black culture including Southern and West Indian dishes, the Potluck is a time to share our favorite foods with the entire NUSL community.

Due to the unique features of NUSL's Cooperative Education Program, the Potluck is run entirely by first-year students. Held in early November, the potluck has been a successful way for the Kemet Chapter to raise funds since its inception many, many years ago. The Potluck provides a time for bonding with one-another as Kemet Chapter members exchange recipes, prepare dishes together and enjoy each other's company while serving food to our colleagues and taking a break from the rigors of law school. The Kemet Chapter is not the only organization to hold an annual Potluck. Each of the ALSA's holds their own potluck and we strongly encourage Kemet members to support their fellow students of color by attending the potluck celebrations.

EVENTS - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Kemet Chapter students participate annually in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. This year's Boston walk will be on Sunday, October 14, 2012, and Kemet Chapter will be participating. Stay tuned.

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EVENTS - Black History Month

Black History Month is, for us, a time to reinforce BLSA's presence at NUSL and to educate the entire NUSL community about Black historical events. Each year during the month of February, the halls of NUSL are filled with reminders of the struggle that has defined the plight of Black people in this country. By hosting a number of varying events, contests and programs, the Kemet Chapter actively promotes awareness during Black History Month.

The Kemet Chapter proclaims the importance of Black History Month by showing movies that concern the African-American struggle for civil and human rights and also African-American culture as a whole. Past movies have included: Sankofa, OJ: A Study in Black and White, the PBS Documentary: Eyes on the Prize, and Ray. In addition, the Kemet Chapter also works with the staff in NUSL's library to gather books written by Black authors and other works that concern Black issues. The books are then displayed in a case in the library, surrounded by African artifacts.

With the help of some highly creative and dedicated first-years, the Kemet Chapter began the Snack and a Fact and Black History Month trivia components of our Black History Celebration in 2005. The Snack and a Fact piece of our month-long celebration is held during the activities period. During that period, NUSL students, faculty and staff gather near the Commons to receive a traditional snack of our ancestors that has attached to it a historical fact. The sesame cookie is one example of a snack that had an attached explanation of the sesame, introduced in the United States by African slaves and referred to as good luck in African culture.

The Black History Month trivia is an online trivia game that is open to all students at NUSL. Posted on the school's WEBoard, the trivia contest includes multiple choice questions on a range of topics related to Black History. The trivia winner is awarded a prize determined by the Kemet Chapter's executive board. BLSA is continuously building upon and strengthening its traditions. For the Kemet Chapter, Black History Month is a time to reflect, appreciate our ancestors and to reinforce our ideals and mission.

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